Specializing in 50 Cal Upper Conversions (SHTF50) for the AR 15 platform and complete 50 Cal Rifles (SHF R/S50).  SHF started production of .50 cal upper conversions (SHTF 50) in 2003. Complete rifles (SHF R/S50) production started in 2005. We also produce the KEG (Kompact Entry Gun) AOW shotguns from the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.



Short barrel shotguns with barrel lengths of 7 1/4" to 10" based on remington or mossberg action.

rifle upper

Rifles / Uppers

Safety Harbor Firearms .50BMG in box fed, or single shot in 3 different barrel lengths: 18", 22", and 29".



Accessories - Stocks, Bipods, Magazines, Iron Sites, and more...

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