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Manual Downloads:

SHTF 50 Users Manual

SHF R50/S50 Users Manual

Return Policy:

30-days money back minus a 10% restocking fee. The 30-day period starts upon receipt of the product as indicated by the shipments tracking number.


Big Boomers from the Book of the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney

.50 Slamfest from The Complete AR Rifleman by Jerry L. Cannon

Battle of the Budget .50s from Shotgun News by Zak Smith

Spare Parts:

Extractor: $20.00
Extractor Spring: $2.00
Extractor Ball: $.50
Firing Pin Spring: $4.00
Firing Pin: $20.00
Ejector: $5.00
Ejector Spring: $2.50
Bolt Handle: $25.00
Bolt Head Follower Spring: $2.00
Bolt Head Follower Ball: $.50
Ejector Retaining Pin: $.25
Bolt Head (requires head spacing): $100.00
Bolt Head Follower: $75.00
Hammer (with anti-walk pin): $40.00
Hammer Spring (heavy duty): $3.50

Frequently Asked Questions

What ammo do you recommend and what ammo should be avoided?

First thing we reccomend is not buying large quanities of one ammo brand before trying it in the rifle. Buy a box (10 rounds) try it out in the rifle - making sure it fires and extracts normally. The fired rounds should extract from the chamber without having to beat the bolt handle open. If a fired round (empty case) is stuck in the chamber use a cleaning rod to tap the stuck empty case loose. A sad fact about .50 BMG ammo is its all over the board when it comes to case sizing, brass hardness and primers - this affects extraction, chambering rounds and general operation of the rifles. Lately the "Federal American Eagle " brand ammo has been troublesome when it comes to extraction. We dont reccomend it due to this issue.


What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Fridays from 9am to 5pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)


Do you have a recommended break-in procedure?

No, there are many different techniques out there.


Once an order is placed online when will my credit card be charged?

Cards are charged when the order is ready to ship.


Are there any discounts?

Please Contact Us for more info.


Where are the manuals located?

They are located at the top of this page.


Will the SHTF50 break an aluminum AR-15 lower?



Do you need a FFL to purchase a SHTF50?



Can the SHTF50 be shipped directly to my house?



Can the SHTF50 Rifle Package be shipped directly to my house?

No, since the SHTF50 Rifle Package includes a lower they have to be shipped to a FFL Dealer.


Do you ship to California?



How much is shipping?

Depends on location and physical weight of contents.


Are we chambering them in .510DTC?

Not at this time.


Are there any physical mods to the AR-15 lower?

No, just parts swapping.


Will any AR-15 lower work?

Yes as long as it is a milspec lower.


How hard is it to install the SHTF hammer into the AR-15 lower?

The more familiar you are with the AR-15 lower, the easier it is. Check out the SHTF50 Manual at the top of the page.


end faq

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