KES | MP5 pattern


Product Description


Limited number of buttstock variants avaliable. 

The all new KES for the MP5. Specially designed to fit the MP5 pattern pistols/rifles.

  • Guide rods slide into the existing slots present on the receiver
  • Rods machined to go underneath the reinforcing piece welded onto the rear of the receiver
  • Multi position (3 + closed) rapid pull rods. One button press and a constant rearward motion will fully retract the KES
  • 13.25" Length of pull
  • Extends 9" from the rear of the receiver.
  • Weighs ~15oz
  • Guide rods are 01 steel drill rod, nitrided
  • Button is 1018 steel, nitrided
  • Main body and tailhook adapter/buttstock are 6061 aluminium, type III hardcoat anodized

Note: This is only for the full size or reverse stretch guns - 1 pin in back.  It will NOT fit the K model receivers.

Available in a buttstock variant for the SBR tax stamp holders and a Tailhook adapter variant for those that would like to be able to use our sliding mechanism with the Gear Head Works Tailhook Pistol Brace. Keeping your pistol a pistol.

We do not have any of Tailhook Pistol Braces at this time, The Tailhook Pistol Brace is a Gear Head Works product.

Due to the stamped/bent receivers on HK pattern guns and the number of manufactures producing clones fitment may vary. If fitment is unsatisfactory returns and subsequent refunds will be accepted/processed. Product will need to be unmodified to qualify for refund of the purchase price.